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Hyper-Speed Machining, 3- or 5-Axis 

Exeron HSC milling machines offer 3- or 5-axis high-speed cutting solutions for making individual parts or large-scale production runs.  Quality, precision, speed, and versatility are the cornerstones of every exeron HSC machine.

Large Format Hyper-Speed Machining, 3- or 5-Axis 

The Exeron HSC MP line of high-speed cutting solutions is designed for large parts and high production runs. Innovative cooling of the portal, bed, spindle, jacket, and all axes ensures performance, precision, and durability. 

Sinker EDM Machines

Exeron produces EDM solutions from micro erosion to large-scale spark erosion machining solutions. Rigid machine body made of cast iron and polymer concrete support a stable and robust design that is durable and reliable. All Exeron EDM machines can be expanded with various options to provide the optimum machining solution.