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Vertical Machining Centers

YCM features a complete line-up of multi-purpose, 3-Axis, vertical machining centers all built to exacting quality standards. Each machine includes YCM’s own designed and manufactured spindles, and rigidity, thermal stability, and repeatability that come from bases cast from Meehanite® in YCM’s own foundry. 

Multi Axis Vertical Machining Centers

YCM multi-axis vertical machining centers provide productivity and flexibility on a high-performance platform. 5-axis and 5-face machines provide throughput, while their rigid body structure and precision axial motion control ensure repeatable quality.

Double Column Machining Centers, 3 & 5-Axis

YCM 3-axis, double column machining centers features one-piece rigid column structures for high precision Y-axis and straightness. The table is fully supported by the base, and roller-type linear guideways on both the X- and Y-axis provide low friction, no backlash, rigidity, and high precision.

The YCM family of double column 5-axis machining centers are built from the ground up, starting with a reinforced base cast in the YCM foundry, using Meehanite® for rigidity and thermal stability. Extra rigid guideways, and direct drive motion control motors, deliver repeatable precision.