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“Alexander Machine has enjoyed a long partnership with Packard Machinery.  Their support is first rate, as their service staff is both knowledgeable and quick to respond.  Packard represents some of the finest machine tool builders in the industry, which has been an important factor in our company’s growth.  We’ve never regretted our decision to do business with Packard Machinery and look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.”

Tammy Soper, Alexander Machine & Tool Inc.

“Packard Machinery has been a supplier to Brennan Machine for over 10 years .  Purchasing Kitamura’s for our manufacturing facility has been one of the best moves we’ve ever made.  We now have 8 machines including expandable pallet systems. Their expertise and service is the best in the business. Everyone at Packard Machinery has been a pleasure to work with.”

Bob Gauthier, Brennan Machine Company

“In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need someone in your corner that will proudly stand behind what they sell and provide world class service. Packard Machinery has done that for us since we started our business relationship 30 years ago. Wendell and his team will not sell you a machine just to make an easy sale, they want to make sure it is the right fit for your application. If Packard is selling you a machine, they are confident it will exceed your expectations as if their reputation depends on it….because it does. Whether it is a turn-key project, service, parts, preventative maintenance, or applications support, the Packard team is always ready to help. From one family business to another….we thank you for your past, present and future services. Packard Machinery continues to be our first choice for equipment.”

Todd Rigoli, CR Machine

“From Applications to Service and Support, JLP Machine has the utmost confidence in Packard Machinery.  This earned trust is why we’ve partnered with them as our primary machine tool supplier.”

Jim Libby, JLP Machine & Welding

“From choosing the right equipment through service after installation, working with Packard Machinery has proven to be the right choice for TNT Precision.  Always quick to remediate the inevitable hiccups that are inherent in our industry, their knowledgeable staff and quick response both remotely and in person have made down time minimal, a critical component in keeping operations seamless.  Making large capitol investments is not a venture to be taken lightly.  Packard has made our choices pay off.  Undeniably an elite machine tool distributor, excelling in every facet of their operations.”

Dennis Thompson, TNT Precision LLC

“Packard Machinery offers quality products and support.  Their team is knowledgeable and has always been responsive to our needs.  Our relationship and the reliability of the Kitamura products has helped our company grow.”

Jim Hayssen, Bradford Machine Company

“Packard Machinery’s service department never leaves us hanging, and always responds to our calls or emails right away. You can never have a service tech arrive at your shop soon enough when a machine is down. Compared to other machinery dealers, Packard’s technicians have the quickest response time in the business. Their knowledge and experience is second to none.  The Kitamura line has helped our shop grow to new levels with their highly accurate and productive 4 & 5 axis machinery. Being able to produce complicated parts with less work holding operations, has been a key to our success.”

Dave Kostyk, Esteem Manufacturing

“For over thirty five years Packard Machinery Co. has been WDW’s first call for parts, service, and sales. We appreciate their personalized service and familiarity with our equipment and business.”

Wilbur D. Webster Jr., WDW Machine, Inc.